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Rainforests Crossword Puzzle

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How much do you know about rainforests?

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Across Down
7 One thing that plants need to adapt to in a rainforest in living the sun.
9 What is another word that means to blend in?
11 The A....... Rainforest.
12 What is at the end of a leave to enable rain to drop off easily?
13 Trees consume what?
15 The I........ Rainforest.
16 This layer is covered with ferns. What layer is it?
17 The C.... Rainforest.
19 What is the average daily temperature in degrees in a rainforest?
21 These are put in to make it easier for vehicles to access the rainforest.
22 How many seasons are there in a rainforest?
23 Plants that grow up other trees are called?
24 The temperature rarely exceeds ....... degrees celsius.
1 What is it called when areas of the rainforest Id bought for cattle?
2 A rainforest contributes ...... of the worlds oxygen.
3 Another word for lianas.
4 What is another word meaning to change?
5 What is the name of an air plant?
6 What is one medicine that the rainforests contain?
8 Is it over or under 2,000mm of rainfall per year?
10 One word that describes the atmosphere in a rainforest.
14 Rainforest are located on/near the ........
18 What is the layer under the emergents?
20 What animal has a strong, colourful and long beak?
24 The temperature never drops below ......... degrees celsius.
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