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Region And Land Form Crossword Puzzle

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Region and Land Form

Complete the puzzle below.

        1 2                                      
Across Down
1 There are unusual rock formations like 'buttes' in this region because of the Wisconsin River
3 Horicon _____; which is located in Eastern Ridges and Lowlands
4 A piece of land with water on three sides of it.
6 There are many lakes and many forests in this region and the soil is rocky
7 We have four of them: Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee and Superior; it is a sheltered body of water deep enough for ships to dock there.
8 The Apostle __________.
9 Wisconsin has a big landform that is named the Mississippi ________.
11 Wisconsin does not have any tall __________, but small peaks.
13 There is a lot of iron ore mining in this region
14 Called the 'Driftless Area' because glaciers never covered here and there are no real lakes here
15 A large, wide flat area of land; the Central Plains is one big one
2 Region where cities can port in Lake Michigan
5 Green ______; or a body of water that curves into a coastline
10 A large body of water surrounded by land
12 A steep cliff of rocks or dirt that is above a lake or river
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