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Religions Crossword Puzzle

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4 The escape of the Jews from slavery in Egypt is celebrated as _____.
6 One tradition that Saudi Arabian women follow is _____.
10 What does the celebration of Passover represent?
11 Muslims must fulfill the obligations called the ___ ___.
12 The most important Christian holy day is _____.
13 What term do historians use to describe cultures that have organized governments, religion and use technology and metal?
14 Muslims call god _____.
15 The idea that there is only one God.
16 The teachings of Moses are written down in the _____.
19 Judaism was first practiced by a small group of people called _____.
20 The part of the Bible that tells the story of Jesus is the ___ ___.
21 Land, people, love of God, Torah are the four cornerstones of _____.
22 What is the term for the belief in more than one god?
23 Scattering of Jews to countries in many parts of the world.
24 Systems that move water from rivers to planted fields are called _____.
28 Muslim houses of worship are called _____.
29 The Quran contains revelations made to the prophet _____.
33 The holy book of Islam is _____.
1 According to Christians the messiah is _____.
2 How many wives can a Muslim have?
3 In the Jewish faith, the day of atonement is ___ ___.
5 Which sect of Islam thought any Muslim could become caliph?
7 Promise or agreement with God.
8 Jesus' original followers were called _____.
9 The laws that Moses brought to his people were the ___ ___.
17 What is the main religion of Saudi Arabia?
18 The city that is holy to Muslims, Jews and Christians.
25 What marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar?
26 The first four books of the New Testament are known as the _____.
27 Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have their roots in ___ ___.
30 What is the pilgrimage to Mecca called?
31 The holiest city in Islam is _____.
32 Fan-shaped fertile area.
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