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Reproductive Disorders Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Reproductive Disorders

Complete the crossword puzzle

              P     C     I                            
              O     A     R                            
              S     T     T                            
              I     H     E                            
              T     E     E                            
        C O N I Z A T I O N                            
              V     E   O     M                        
              E     R   P     E                        
                        H     N     P                  
          G O N O R R H E A   O     R                  
        S               R   A R M   O                  
        H Y D R O C E L E     R     L                  
        O               C     H     A                  
        W               T     A     C                  
        E     C         O     G     T                  
        R   T R I C H O M O N I A S I S                
              Y         Y     A     N                  
              P       T           T                    
            S T O O L S O F T E N E R S                
              O       S           N                    
          R   R                                        
S I M P L E   C A R B O N D I O X I D E                
          T   H                     A                  
          E P I D I D Y M I T I S   T                  
          N   D                     E                  
          T   I                         D              
    F     I   S E X U A L I D E N T I T Y              
    I     O   M       M   N   M   E     S E C O N D    
    S     N           B   F   B   M     P              
    T         A       U   E   A   P     A T R O P H I C
    U         G       L   R   R   E     R              
    L Y M P H E D E M A   T   R   R     E              
    A                 T   I   A   A     U              
                      I   L   S   T     N              
                      O   I   M   U   L I T H O T O M Y
        O X Y T O C I N   T   E   R     A       O     O
                          Y   N   E             T     U
                              T                 A     N
                                                L     G
Across Down
4 Procedure that removes eroded or infected tissue off of the cervix.
8 _________________ is a STI that has typically has not symptoms for women, but may show a greenish yellow discharge from the cervix.
10 __________exercises are included in discharge instructions for a modified radical hysterectomy.
11 ____________is the accumulation of fluid to the scrotum; apply ice and elevate to decrease swelling.
13 ___________ would be suspected if teh patient complains of dysuria, pruritis, and frothy green discharge.
16 ________ _________ are administered during prostatits to prevent straining.
18 _________ mastectomy involves the resection of breast tissue and some skin from the clavicle to the costal margin and from the midline to the latissimus dorsi.
19 Shoulder pain after tubal insufflation is related to the injection of _________ __________.
21 _____________ may occur because of trauma to the testicle.
24 _______ _______ is the sense of being feminine or masculine.
29 _________ degree uterine prolapse involves teh cervix protruding through the introitus.
31 ________ vaginitis occurs becauseof reduced estrogen levels, which causes vaginal changes.
32 Proper positioning of a client's arm after a masectomy is to prevent ____________.
33 Position the patient is placed in for a vaginal hyterectomy.
36 Aids in the expression of milk.
1 At what age should a male be taught testicular self-exam (TSE).
2 Lotions and deodrants can cause false _______ results on a mammogram.
3 S/P a colporrhaphy a ____________ is insterted to prevent pressure on the sutures.
5 Surgical procedure that can induce menopause.
6 Excessive bleeding at the time of teh regular menstrual flow.
7 _______ aids in milk production
9 The best time to perform a TSE is after a _______________.
12 Failure of testes to descend into the scrotum
14 Inserting a tampon with your fingers puts you at risk for _________. (abbr)
15 After an abdominal surgery, a patient should not lift anything greater ______ pounds.
17 The incidence of urinary __________ after a hysterectomy is greater than after any other type of surgery.
20 Breast self-examination should be done on the same _____ of their choice each month.
22 Term meaning painful intercourse.
23 Vaginal _________ are caused by an ulcerating process resulting from cancer, radiation, weakening of tissues by pregnancy, and surgical intervention.
25 Encourage _________ to help decrease gas pain and abdominal distention.
26 _______________ is a complication associated with severe or chronic PID.
27 _________ and cultural factors influence older women from seeking medical care for problems of the reproductive system.
28 In the case of TSS, seek immediate attention if a sudden elevated __________ occurs.
30 ______ is a basic, but important risk factor for testicular cancer.
34 _____________ hysterectomy involves the removal of teh entire cervix.
35 __________ women have greater density of breast tissue.
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