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Road TO Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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Road to Revolution

                  1     2                          
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Across Down
3 put a duty on several products, including molasses.
5 a French fort where Braddock's men were ambushed
6 an organized campaign to refuse to buy certain products
7 21-year-old surveyor in the Virginia militia
8 agreement between nations or groups to aid and support one another
9 or import tax
10 The act required colonists to quarter, or house, British troops and provide them with food and other supplies.
12 British general who went to Virginia with orders to capture Fort Duquesne.
14 Stated that Britain would no longer tax products or activities inside the colonies
17 established what he called a Committee of Correspondence
18 court orders that allowed officials to make searches without saying for what they were searching
19 It banned colonial settlement west of a line drawn along the Appalachian Mountains.
1 prime minister
2 the capital of New France
4 leading defender of colonial rights against recent British policies
5 A war between the French and the British over land
11 leader of the Ottawa nation
13 surrendered
15 called for a council of representatives elected by the colonial assemblies
16 one of Britainís top generals
19 a written request to a government
20 organized body of armed volunteers
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