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Rock Music Crossword Puzzle

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Rock Music

                    1     2        
        3   4                      
            9 10                    
            17             18        
Across Down
2 The _______ guitar has four strings
6 The Italian word for 'lively and fast'
7 The Italian word for 'loud'
8 What sub-genre of Rock was influenced by gospel and soul music?
9 The Italian word for 'very soft'
11 Surf Rock tends to use what type of male voice?
13 The Italian word for 'very loud'
14 The Italian word for 'slowly'
15 The Italian word for 'moderate speed'
16 The Italian word for 'at a moderate walking pace'
17 What do you call the technique in dubstep where the drums and bass stop and then come in again with even more intensity?
19 Hard Rock is also known as ________ Rock
20 Repeated fragments of music are known as __________
1 Soft Rock focuses more of _______ melodies than rhythm
2 Middle Eight is also known as the __________
3 The Italian word for 'soft'
4 In what sub-genre of music would you find the 'wobble-bass'?
5 Apart from Folk Rock, what other sub-genre of Rock is characterised by tight vocal harmonies? __________ ____________
10 Surf Rock was originally __________ music played at dances in the beach suburbs of California
12 Folk Rock is characterised by _________ vocal harmonies
13 Sort Rock derived from _______ Rock
14 Who wrote Thunderstruck?
18 The Italian word for 'very fast'
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