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Rocks And Minerals Crossword Puzzle

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Rocks and Minerals

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Across Down
1 obsidian has no crystals because it formed _________.
4 __________ igneous rock forms on the earths surface.
9 metamorphic rock formed from magma creating heat and pressure on the areas surrounding it.
12 wavy lines on a metamorphic rock.
13 rock formed from pressure and heat.
14 __________ igneous rock forms on the inside the earth.
16 marble is a __________ metamorphic rock
17 metamorphic rock with wavy lines from from ____________ squishing the mineral grains into flat disks.
19 rock formed from sediment.
2 you can tell sedimentary rock from other rocks because it has __________.
3 metamorphic rock formed from two or more. tectonic plates sliding together and creating pressure.
5 a single particle in a rock.
6 when liquid magma pushes up against other rock it creates metamorphic rock through ______.
7 an igneous rock that formed slowly has ____________.
8 some igneous crystals are large because they formed __________.
10 a type of rock that is formed from magma/lava.
11 a substance made of one material (non organic).
15 some igneous rock has ________ in them, this can allow some to float.
18 marble has no wavy lines on it because it is formed of _________ mineral.
20 a substance made of two or more materials (non organic).
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