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Roles OF The President And Vice President Crossword Puzzle

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Roles of the President and Vice President

Determine the Presidential role that matches the hint or hint that matches one of your vocabulary words

Across Down
1 Leader of the U.S. currently Barack Obama
2 The President makes plans to make sure the federal government's budget is profitable.
3 President approves or vetos laws
4 The President oversees treaties (agreements) with other countries.
5 Where the President resides
6 The practice of choosing a presidential running mate who can strengthen a presidential candidate's chance of being elected.
7 The President represents the U.S. at official functions like meeting with leaders of foreign nations.
8 The Constitution makes the President head of the U.S. military.
9 Presides over the Senate and helps decide if the President is disabled.
10 The President oversees federal (national) agencies, appointing their directors and creating policies to determine their goals during his term.
1 Sets the order of succession following the Vice President.
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