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Romans 3 Crossword Puzzle

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Romans 3

                    1   2                                
                  3           4                          
                                      5         6        
                  12                     13                
      15     16   17                                 18   19  
            21                       22                    
23                 24                                      
                25       26       27                        
Across Down
3 red liquid that circulates in a human body
8 honorable or free from guilt or wrong
9 in remarking about time, right now; this instant;
10 pronounced free from guilt or blame
13 to have religious convictions
14 in advance of
17 an indication of patience
20 past tense of to tell or to verbally make known
21 known or felt by one's inner self
23 to assert; to keep in good repair
24 to ransom, free, or recover; the act of redeeming
25 the reconciliation of God and man through the death of Jesus Christ
28 a person who commits a wrongful act against God is said to have done this
29 rules that a society lives by
30 unmerited help given to people by God
1 honor and praise rendered in worship
2 bragging
4 separate from; not together
5 the Son of God
6 deeds; someone does this in toil
7 resigned to; decided upon
9 given to
11 an offence against God
12 to show how something works
15 to be acquainted or familiar with
16 the offering of something precious to deity
18 trust based upon the unseen
19 one whose religion in Judaism
22 a Christian as distinguished from a Jew
26 left out or omitted
27 to make a statement based on personal knowledge
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