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Safety And Sanitation Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Safety and Sanitation

Complete the crossword puzzle using terms from chapter 6.

                  T       O   T                                            
                  W       O   O                                            
                  E       K   X                                            
              F   N       I   I                                            
            C O N T A M I N A N T       B                                  
              O   Y       G             A                                  
              D                         C R O S S C O N T A M I N A T I O N
            A B D O M I N A L T H R U S T                                  
              O                         E                                  
              R E S T A U R A N T S     R                                  
      C L E A N                         I                                  
              E     F       H           A                                  
            M I C R O O R G A N I S M                                      
              L     R   O   I     H                                        
C H E M I C A L     T   O   R     A                                        
              N     Y   M         R                                        
P A R A S I T E               C   P                                        
              S A N I T A T I O N                                          
      V I R U S               O                                            
Across Down
5 A substance that may be harmful that has accidentally gotten into food.
7 When harmful bacteria from one food are transferred to another food.
8 A procedure used to save choking victims.
9 Most reported foodborne illnesses occur here.
10 This is the first step to food safety.
13 A living substance so small it an be seen only under a microscope.
16 Children are especially susceptible to this type of poisoning.
17 A microorganism that needs another organism to live.
19 Maintaining clean conditions to prevent disease and promote good health.
20 The smallest and simplest known type of microorganism.
1 Thorough ________ will kill many harmful bacteria.
2 You should wash your hands for this many seconds. (Spell out the number)
3 Poisons.
4 A disease transmitted by food.
6 Single-celled or noncellular microorganisms.
11 Your refrigerator should never be above this temperature. (Spell out the number)
12 You should always keep long _____ tied back when in the kitchen.
14 Food left at _______ temperature can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria
15 To help preven cuts you should always keep knives ________.
18 This is the third step to food safety.
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