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Salads Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
4 Can provide protein to a salad
5 Salad that contains noodles
8 Pasta and potatoes provide this nutrient in a salad
9 Fruits & vegetables provide this non nutrient in salads
10 Ranch dressing has this ingredient as the base
11 Leafy greens in salads should be _________________
12 Type of salad containing meat, soy or beans & seeds
13 Salad served before your meal
15 3 parts oil, 1 part vinegar
19 Most popular gelatin salad in Utah
20 We think of this leafy green as a weed
21 When cooking pasta you should use alot of this
23 These ROCK!
24 Gelatin is made from_________________
25 Salad served as your meal
26 Type of salad that can be frozen or topped with cream
27 Pasta provides long sustained_____________ to our body
28 Fruits & vegetables provide this nutrient in a salad
1 Leafy green used also for garnishing
2 Salad served after your meal
3 common type of lettuce
6 Salad served with your meal
7 Credited with bringing the 1st macaroni machine to America
14 Type of salad that can contain leafy greens
16 Pasta does this when cooked
17 Type of salad that can be molded
18 Mineral found in fruits
20 This usually contains the fat content of a salad
22 Type of vinaigrette dressing--same name as a famous person in history
29 Made from soybeans
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