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Across Down
4 Is equal to amount of energy needed to raise the temp of 1 g of water by 1 celsius.
6 Is an energy source that cannot be produced, grown, or restored as fast as it is used.
7 Are equally spaced units between two points.
8 Is an energy source that can be easily reproduced or replace by nature.
9 Is the ability to cause change.
10 Is a total Kinetic Energy of all particles in a substance.
13 States that energy cannot be created or destroyed.
14 Are energy resource made from carbon-rich plants and animal remains.
15 Is the energy that an object has due to it's position, condition, or chemical composition.
17 Is the sum of an objects kinetic energy and potential energy.
19 States that all of the particles that make up matter are constantly in motion.
21 Is the energy of an object that is due to motion.
1 Is a material that is a poor conductor of heat.
2 Is the transfer if energy by electromagnetic waves.
3 Is a material that transfer heat very well.
5 Takes place when energy changes from one from to another form.
11 Is the energy transferred from an objects at a higher temp to an objects at a lower temp.
12 Is a measure of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in an objects.
16 Is the transfer of energy as a heat by movement of a liquid or gas.
18 Is the transfer of energy as heat from one substance to another through direct contact.
20 Temperature is a measured using an instrument.
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