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Secession And War Crossword Puzzle

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Secession and War

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Across Down
4 Began when Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
5 Senator who said, 'disunion is a fearful thing, but emancipation is worse.'
6 Governor of South Carolina in March 1861.
8 Number of states that formed the Confederate States of America.
10 Northern Democratics candidate for president in the election of 1860.
11 Southern Democrats presidential candidate in 1860.
14 First state that voted to leave the Union.
15 Means to withdraw from the Union.
16 Southern states defined this as a contract among independent states.
17 Lincoln's _______ in war was to save the Union.
18 Believed slavery should remain where it existed but excluded from territories.
19 Month that Fort Sumter surrendered to the Confederate army.
21 Union slave state that was admitted to the Union in 1863.
22 Commander of Fort Sumter who sent President Lincoln an official message.
23 States in the South who seceded were called this.
26 City in Alabama where Southern delegates met to form a new nation and government.
28 Lincoln stated in his Inaugural Address that secession would not be _________.
29 Lincoln's name did not appear on the ballots in most ___________ states.
30 Union captain who witnessed the attack of Fort Sumter from inside the fort.
31 Chosen as president of Confederacy.
32 Won the presidential election in 1860.
34 President who said the Southern states had no right to secede, but that he could not stop them.
35 Confederates demanded Fort Sumter do this.
1 Newspaper in this Southern city said, 'The day of compromise is passed. . .'
2 One of the slave states in March 1861, that chose to remain in the Union but later joined the Confederacy.
3 Political party which split allowing Lincoln to win the election of 1860.
4 Proposed a series of amendments to preserve the Union.
7 Jefferson Davis ordered Confederate troops to ______ Fort Sumter.
9 Southerners used ______ rights to justify seccession.
12 Lincoln pleaded with the people in the South for __________ in his Inaugural Address.
13 Northern Democrats supported popular ___________ in the election of 1860.
20 Virginian who wrote, 'I see only that a fearful calamity is upon us.'
24 Lincoln sent an unarmed supply ________ to Fort Sumter.
25 John Crittenden proposed these to preserve the Union.
26 Showers of balls and shells that poured into Fort Sumter caused great flakes of this material to fall in all directions.
27 Lincoln called for them to save the Union after Fort Sumter surrendered.
33 States located between the North and South.
34 Constitutional Union Party nominated this man for president in 1860.
36 States in the North who did not secede were called this.
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