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Slavery And The West Crossword Puzzle

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Slavery and the West

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Across Down
6 Revolution that changed the Northeast region.
8 States in the South felt they could do this which means leave the U.S.
9 State that voted in 1832 for an Ordinance of Nullification.
12 Jefferson's belief and ideas that the U.S. strength was its independent farmers.
14 Calhoun argued that the protective tariffs were ________________, or not legal.
16 Calhoun was a ________ in his early career.
17 Caused by differences between the North and South.
19 Nullification raised by Southerners in 1820s and 1830s over protective ______.
20 Overturning of federal laws that were considered unconstitutional.
22 Passed in 1820, preserved the balance between free and slave states.
23 Wilmot Proviso said this should be prohibited in lands acquired from Mexico.
26 City on west coast whose population was about 1,000 in 1848.
31 Missouri Compromise of 1820 prohibited slavery north of 36 30'N __________.
34 Clay pushed for a stronger fugitive slave ____ under the plan in January 1850.
35 Fillmore persuaded several Whigs to do this, which means not to cast votes.
36 Democratic presidential candidate who won election in 1844.
37 Jefferson felt _____ corrupted government and threaten ordinary peoples rights.
38 Number of months Clay's plan in 1850 was debated in Congress.
1 Senator from South Carolina who believed government could not ban slavery.
2 Young senator from Illinois who divided Clay's plan into a series of measures.
3 His view of the Union was perpetual.
4 Former president who said 'a fire-bell in the night'.
5 Party born out of failure of the Democratic and Whig parties 1848.
7 Slave trade abolished in this area under Clay's plan in January 1850.
10 James Madison's state that declared Alien and Sedition laws unconstitutional.
11 Became president when Taylor died.
13 Henry Clay's state that declared Alien and Sedition laws unconstitutiional.
15 Runaway slaves.
18 State admitted as free state under Henry Clay's plan in January 1850.
21 Webster reasoned that _________ would prevent slavery in the new territories.
24 State whose request to join the Union was called 'a fire-bell in the night'.
25 His ideas were used to argue that govenment was a contract among states.
26 Webster argued that the federal government was _____________.
27 Territory that had no restrictions under Clay's plan in January 1850.
28 Type of transportation that helped industry grow.
29 Missouri was admitted as a ______ state.
30 State admitted as a free state when Missouri was admitted.
32 Former general who won the presidential election in 1848 as a Whig.
33 Became a state in 1845.
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