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Soccer Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Soccer Terms

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Across Down
3 Playing 'man-to-man' defense with a player from the other team.
4 Gaining control of the ball.
7 the designated spot where the penalty kick is taken.
8 The sideline.
9 The player who guards the goal and may use their hands.
10 Attacking the ball and knocking down a player from the other team.
11 The arc outside the penalty box used for penalty kicks.
12 The players who play the entire field.
13 The defensive players on a team.
15 Made by an offensive player when the ball goes out-of-bounds and was touched last by a defensive player.
17 Taken by the defensive team when the ball is taken out-of-bounds by the offensive team.
1 The lines at the ends of the field. If the ball passes over one, a point is scored.
2 To move the ball by pushing it with with the sides of your feet.
5 The way the ball is put back into play after it has gone out-of-bounds over a touchline.
6 The box wherein the keeper May move and still use their hands. If a penalty is done by a defensive player in this box the offensive team will be given a penalty kick.
7 A kick done from the penalty line.
14 The players that are the offensive or scoring players.
16 Putting the ball in play by having one team kick the ball forward from the center of the field.
18 When an offensive player not in possession of the ball doesnt have a defensive player between themselves and the goal.
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