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Social Studies Crossword Puzzle

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Social Studies

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Across Down
2 Colonies where public schools were required so children could read the bible.
4 Restricted the king's power.
5 Written by Benjamin Franklin under the pseudoname 'Richard Saunders'
6 What indicated ones wealth during colonial times?
8 In which area was public schooling slowed by religious differences.
11 New Englanders disapproved of this activity.
13 'The forms of religion were kept up, but the power of Godliness is missing', Explains why this happened.
14 The ___________ was the route taken by slave traders
15 Consists of representatives from throughout England.
18 Some wealthy families would hire private tutors to educate their children.
1 make a request of formal demand
3 said the power to make laws and impose taxes belonged to the people.
7 _______ was important in determining ones social class in the colonies.
9 Prohibitted working or playing on Sundays
10 Bees and frolics were important so colonists could __________
12 belong to a citizen and cannot be taken away
16 The group that had the most strict laws.
17 Societies typically have a upper, middle and lower _________.
19 How a society organizes manufactoring and trading.
20 One out of twenty lived in __________
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