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Soil Nutrient Management Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Soil Nutrient Management

                                  B         A             S    
                                  I         G             E    
                                  O         E             W    
                                  S         S             A    
                                  O         L             G    
                                  L         U       P     E    
                                  I         D       O     E    
                                  D         G       I     F    
                  N O N P O I N T S O U R C E       N     F   B
                        R                           T     L   R
                S U F F I C I E N C Y R A N G E     S     U   O
                        M                           O     E   A
                        F                           U     N   D
                      B E S T M A N A G E M E N T P R A C T I C
                        R                           C         A
                P O I N T I N J E C T I O N         E         S
                        I                             G       T
P                       L I Q U I D F E R T I L I Z E R       I
H                       I                             A       N
Y                       Z                             D       G
T               K N I F E I N J E C T I O N           E        
I                       R                               D      
C R I T I C A L R A N G E                               R      
A                       L I M I T I N G F A C T O R     I      
C                       E                               B      
I   O R G A N I C F A R M I N G                 M       B      
D                       E                       D       L      
                    C O N S E R V A T I O N T I L L A G E      
                    O   T                                      
                    V   S T A R T E R F E R T I L I Z E R      
                    E         I       E                        
                    R         P       R                        
                    C         A       T                        
                    R         R       I                        
                    O         I       G                        
                    P         A       A                        
                              N       T                        
                              Z       I                        
                              O       O                        
                              N       N                        
Across Down
5 nutrients in the runoff water coming from the landscape
8 the range of tissue concentrations at which the supply of a nutrient is sufficient for optimal plant growth
9 practices officially sanctioned to implement the P site index plans (nutrient management plans
10 application of liquid fertilizers alongside each plant without disturbing plant roots or surface residue cover left by conservation tillag
13 a slurry of manure and sewage sludge
14 the application of liquid fertilizers 10-30 cm deep into a soil
16 the tissue concentration at which the supply is just marginal and growth is expected to decline if the nutrient becomes any less available “hidden hunger”
17 the growth factor (temperature, nitrogen or water supply) that limits the amount of growth that can occur in a plant
18 refers to the farming style in which diverse components of a farm are integrated organically into a whole in the manner of a living organis
20 agricultural practices that keep at least 30% of soil surfaces covered by plant
21 a band of fertilizer that is applied on either side of a seed as the crop is plant
1 the solid material that is removed from wastewater during the treatment process of sewage
2 sewage sludge that has been treated to meet certain land-application standards (low pathogen and contamination levels)
3 the treated water that is returned to the stream in the sewage treatment process
4 nutrient pollution from factory or municipal sewage outfa
6 the macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and/or potass
7 spreading fertilized evenly over the entire area of a field or area to be fertilized
11 three number code that stands for percentages indicating the total nitrogen, the available phosphate content and the soluble potash content of a fertilizer
12 the form of P found in most seeds (indigestible by nonruminant animals)
15 the application of liquid fertilizers alongside the crop row as a side dressing
19 largest amount of nutrient runoff and leaching permitted for an area of land.
20 a crop grown to provide vegetative cover for the soil and then be killed and left as surface mulch or tilled into the soil creating green manure.
22 buffer strip of dense vegetation situated along a bank
23 the practice of spraying liquid fertilizer through sprinklers
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