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Soils Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 The first level of soil taxonomy contains 12 different
6 Deep well draining soil found in Ky's woodland areas
8 The drainage component of Crider
9 Soil scientists use this in order to classifiy soil based upon the percentages of soil classes present within the soil: soil textural________
10 Fungi, protazoa, and _________ are components of life in the soil
12 The upper and intermediate layers of the earth. Composed of solids, liquids, gases
13 Layers of the soil
15 There are 5 levels of this soil classification/identification
16 This soil makes up over 500,000 acres of prime farmland in Ky.
1 This is a desirable soil which combines the three textural classification of the soil
2 We discussed how soils are classified by their
4 The Ky soil type is found on tops of hills and ridges and is sticky/gravelly like.
5 The mud making texture
7 Insects living in the soil
11 Organic soil contains at least __________% organic components.
14 Coarse, fast draining soil texture.
16 Very dense soil texture which can be nutrient rich, but hard to penetrate.
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