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South American Cuisine Crossword Puzzle

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South American Cuisine

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Across Down
7 Delicious caramel sandwich cookies
8 This food is the South America's second biggest contribution to the world
9 Name for the leftover ceviche marinade that is served in a small glass
11 Deep fried rings of spiced pumpkin and sweet potato yeast batter
13 Much loved cake drenched in cream, evaporated milk, and iced with meringue and fresh fruit
14 Peruvian salsa made with sliced onions and hot peppers
15 This type of delicious Brazilian treat was named after a General
17 Stuffed pastries that are very popular in South America
18 Marinated seafood salad
19 These are fresh corn tamales
21 Another popular meat served as a grilled kabob in Peru
1 South America has many sweet and hot varieties of these
2 Type of seafood that Ecuadorian seafood salad is often made with
3 This part of the cow is marinated and served as a grilled kabob in Peru
4 This type of root is ground, dried, and roasted to spice a Brazilian pork and black bean stew
5 Pan de Anis are sweet little breads that are flavored with this
6 Pan de papa is a bread made with these
10 Cuisine from this continent is infused into many of Peru's most popular dishes
12 This cuisine is recognized around the world as the best in South America
16 Fresh staple from cow's milk that is added to sauces and crumbled on top of salads
20 Juice often used to make South American seafood salad
21 This food is South America's biggest contribution to the world
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