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Sport Terms Crossword Puzzle

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Sport Terms

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Across Down
2 each of the sets of three stumps with two bails across the top
3 The ground used for sport like soccer and AFL
5 The ability to stretch and flex
6 An acrobatic movement of turning feet over the head and landing on your feet
13 A very fast run
14 The final stage of a competition
16 The sport that contains a crosse and a ball
17 One of the stages of a triathlon, swimming, cycling and ___
19 A type of pitch that has a forward spin to the ball, causing it to dive in a downward path
21 each division of a game during which both sides have a turn at batting.
22 The end game result of even points
23 A competition that contains three different sport stages
26 A field and track event containing seven stages
27 The item used to hit the ball in tennis
28 Quickly, fast
29 What happens when a batter misses a perfectly pitched ball in Baseball
1 The ability to be quick at changing directions
4 The ability of the body to continuously transport oxygen for extended periods of time
7 A figure skating jump, with spins in mid-air
8 A cylinder passed from one runner to another during a race
9 A person who is proficient in sport
10 The person defending the goals in soccer
11 An usually spherical object used in most sports
12 The highest value medal at the olympics
13 a form of training between two opponents
15 the number of strokes a first-class player should normally require for a course
18 A full body suit worn while surfing
20 The opposite of win
24 The quality of being strong
25 The area of ground surrounded by the four bases in baseball
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