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Sports And Entertainment Marketing Crossword Puzzle

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Sports and Entertainment Marketing

                          2         3                        
                    5                                     6  
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Across Down
4 anything necessary
9 Reduced unemployment
10 prolong recession
12 more goods and services are desired than are available
13 the people elect
14 having product that meets any customers needs
16 a two way commnication between a rep of a company and a customer
17 demand for the product is affected by its price
19 one company has exclusive control over a product
20 is personal
21 amount of goods producers are willing and be able to produce for sell
23 change in price affect demand
24 unfulfilled desire
25 rivalrybetween two or more companies
26 money earnedfrom conducting business and expenses are paid
27 decrease in profit
28 Exchange of goods and services
29 money needed to start a business
31 pay a rights fee
1 Things used in producing goods and services
2 person who uses
3 Economic slowdown
5 willingness and abiltiy to buy products
6 human resource
7 conditions in the market where changes in price affect the demand
8 highest period of economic growth
11 people willing to take a risk to start a business
15 person who buys
18 based on the welfare of the people
22 collection of information
23 how to meet unlimited wants and needs
25 government is ran by one political party
30 natural resouce
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