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Sports And Entertainment Marketing Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Sports and Entertainment Marketing

                              C U S T O M E R                            
                                  P               S W O T   A M A T E U R
                      L I C E N S O R     E       E         D            
                                  N   C   X       A     P   V A L U E    
                                  S   O   C       S     R   E            
                          A       O   N   H     R O I   O   R O Y A L T Y
                          U       R   S   A   M   N     F   I            
            L       B     D       S   U   N   E   T     E   S P O R T S  
P R O D U C E R     E     I       H   M   G   D   I     S   I            
            V       H     E       I   E   E   I   C     S   N            
            E   B   A     N     S P O R T S M A R K E T I N G            
C L U T T E R   R   V     C     I                 E     O     U          
            A   A   I   D E M O G R A P H I C S   T     N     T     M    
            G   N   O           N                       A N C I L L A R Y
            I N D I R E C T G O A L   D I R E C T G O A L     L     R    
            N   I   A           T                             I     K    
            G   N   L     N   P U B L I C R E L A T I O N S   T     U    
                G         I     R                             Y     P    
              R     P     C     E N T E R T A I N M E N T                
            G E O G R A P H I C S                           A            
              T     O     E     P E R S O N A L S E L L I N G            
              A     M           O                           E            
              I     O     F     N                           N            
              L     T     E   P S Y C H O G R A P H I C S   T            
              E     I     A     O                       P                
              R     O     S P O R T S P R O P E R T Y   O                
                    N     I   B               X       B R A N D          
                          B   J     P U B L I C I T Y   T                
                          I   E               L         S                
                          L   C               U         C                
                          I   T     L I C E N S I N G   A M B U S H      
                          T   I               I         P                
            C A T E G O R Y   V               V         E                
                              E   M A R K E T I N G                      
                                    L U X U R Y B O X                    
Across Down
1 Someone who makes a purchase
3 Analysis by an organization to identify it's strengths and weaknesses
4 An athlete or entertainer who is not paid
5 A company with a popular offical logo
9 The importance worth or usefulness of something
11 Benefits of sponsors and advertisers for being involved
12 Payment for material that has been copyrighted
16 A source of diversion engaged in for pleasure
17 An individual that supplies a product or service
19 Marketing principles to sports
20 Drawback of sponsorship
22 Segmentation based on measurable statistics
24 Events that supplement and surround a core sports event
25 A goal which can be 'felt' but not measured
26 A measurable and tangible goal
28 Building a good image in the community
31 an event to entertain
32 Segmentation based on area, region, or climate
34 Interactive and interpersonal promotion to develop relationships
36 Segmentation based on personal interest
38 Marketing item of value
41 A company's identifying mark or logo
42 non-paid news style mass communications about a product or company
43 Authorized use of a brand, brandname, brand mark, trademark or trade name
44 Rival company attempts to associate its products with an event that already has a sponsor
45 Area in which sponsorships are classified
46 The process of developing, pricing, promotion distributing products to satisfy a customer
47 Seating used for business meetings
2 Corporate entity which is involved withs a sports property to gain exposure
3 Tickets purchased for a block of games during a season
4 one way mass communications paid for by an identified sponsor
6 Transactions between producer and consumer
7 An individual that uses a product or service
8 An athlete or entertainer who is paid
10 All individuals at or exposed to an event
13 Method of distribution for a promotional message
14 increasing a sponsorship with additional marketing efforts
15 Segmentation based on rate of use
18 A company's efforts at developing a personality image
19 A sponsor who has paid for the most exposure and is most promoted
21 State of being useful
23 Difference between selling cost and the cost of production
27 A relatively small market with specialized needs
29 Company which sells merchandise
30 Advertising to promote information
33 Determines an athletes worth
35 Evaluation of a sponsorship to see if it would work
37 A corporate entity which is involved with a sports property in order to gain exposure
39 Budgeting to fund a goal
40 Sponsorship where only one partner is promoted
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