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Sports And Games Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Sports and Games

          U M P I R E     S              
                D         C              
                I   C   G R E E C E      
                T   H     A              
                A   E     B A S E B A L L
                R   C     B              
            T   O   K     L              
        W O R L D S E R I E S            
            I       R                    
            V       S K I I N G          
          B A S K E T B A L L            
    M O N O P O L Y                      
            U               G            
P I T C H E R               O            
  R         S U P E R B O W L            
  O         U               F            
  N         I           S                
            T O U C H D O W N            
              N   H     C   I            
              E   E     C   N            
              M   S     E   E            
              I   S     R                
Across Down
1 In baseball, this person calls the words: safe, strike, ball, & out
5 The first modern Olympic games were held in this country in 1896
6 This sport uses gloves, bats, and balls
8 Championship games for baseball
9 This sport requires racing down a snow covered hill
10 This sport involves shooting a ball into a hoop
11 Classic board game of money, property, and power
13 This baseball player throws the ball to the player holding a bat
15 Championship game for football
17 A score in football worth six points
2 This famous sled-dog race takes place in Alaska
3 This games uses square tiles with letters on them to make words
4 One of the oldest board games using black and red tokens
7 This game has cards with printed questions on different topics
12 This sport uses small white balls and clubs of different sizes
14 Another word for golf club
16 This is the most attended and watched sport in the world
18 In 1954, Roger Bannister ran this is less than 4 minutes
19 This board game of strategy uses pieces some of which are kings, queens, knights, & rooks
20 The number of innings in a baseball game
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