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Sports And Hobbies Crossword Puzzle

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Sports and Hobbies

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Across Down
1 Board game played with pawns, bishops, rooks, knights, kings and queens
7 You throw things at a board in this game and try to get a bullseye
9 First I swim, then I bike, then I run in this Olympic event
10 Game your mum plays every Wednesday night!
11 This sport has running, jumping, and throwing events and is in the Olympics
14 Looking after the trees and plants around your house or elsewhere
16 For this sport I need snow and a hill
17 The Canterbury Bulldogs play this game (2 words)
21 In this game you can only use your feet or your head (unless you are the goalie!)
23 This Olympic sport includes floor exercises, pommel vaulting, balance beam and parallel bars
2 In this sport they ride waves and 'hang ten'
3 In this sport cowboys try to ride and not fall off wild bulls and wild horses
4 This is the Japanese art of paper folding
5 The score can be 'Duece' or '40-Love' in this game
6 I need a bike for this sport
8 For this I need a camera and some film
12 Played on a diamond with a batter and ball thrown by a pitcher
13 Played with a bat, ball and some stumps
15 Wing Attack and Goal Defence are two positions in this sport
18 This sport is played on horseback
19 Give me a canvas and some brushes for this past-time
20 I cast my rod and try to get something to bite in this past-time!
22 You need two needles and some wool for this
23 The sport where I can use clubs to hit a hole in one!
24 Board game where I try and make words
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