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Sports Marketing Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Sports Marketing

                              A                   S     E                
                              R       I       D   E     N                
                              K       N   B   E   A     T                
                    C L U T T E R     D   E   M   S     E                
                              T   A   I   H   O   O     R                
                              S   N   R   A   G   N     T                
                              E   C   E   V   R   T     I                
            S                 G   I   C   I   A   I     A                
            P                 M   L   T   O   P   C     N                
            O   E             E   L   G   R   H   K     M                
            R   X     M       N   A   O   A   I   E     E                
F           T   C     A R B I T A R Y A L L O C A T I O N                
E           S   H     R           Y   L       S         T                
A           C   A     K                 R                                
S   D   G   A   N   P E R C E N T A G E O F S A L E S     S              
I   I   E   P   G     T                 I                 T              
B O R R O W E D E Q U I T Y                     M         A              
I   E   G       S     N                         A   L     D              
L   C   R   R         G                         R   U   N I C H E        
I   T   A   O B J E C T I V E A N D T A S K     K   X     U              
T   G   P   Y         H                         E   U     M A R K U P    
Y   O   H   A         R                     V   T   R     A              
    A   I   L       C O M P E T I T I V E P A R I T Y     S              
    L   C   T         U                     L   N   B     P              
        S   Y         G                     U   G   O     L I C E N S O R
              P S Y C H O G R A P H I C S   E       X     A              
              R       S                                   C A T E G O R Y
              O       P E R S O N A L S E A T L I C E N S E              
              D   A   O                                 P                
              U   M A R K E T I N G O F S P O R T S   C O N S U M E R    
              C   B   T                                 R                
              E   U   S P O R T S M A R K E T I N G   U T I L I T Y      
              R   S     R   E   P         X       A     S                
                  H     O   T   O         C       T   S P O R T S        
                        M   A   N         L       E     R                
                        O   I   S         U       R     O                
                        T   L   O         S       E     P                
                        I   E   R         I       C   L E V E R A G I N G
                        O   R   S         V       E     R                
                        N       H         I       I     T                
                                I         T       P     Y                
                                P         Y       T                      
Across Down
7 a drawback of sponsorships where sponsors blend in
13 promotional budgeting based upon,' what can i afford?'
17 promotional budgeting using a set percent of gross sales
19 using the appeal of an event to market a product
23 a relatively small market with specialized needs
24 promotional budgeting which funds a specific goal
25 the difference between the selling price of a good or service
27 promotional budgeting by ,''follow the market leader,'
28 a company with a popular logo
29 segmentation based on personal interests and activities
30 area in which sponsorships are classified
31 license purchased by a ticket holder which entitles that a person to buy season tickets
34 marketing principles used to market a team or event
35 an individual that uses a product or service
36 the application of marketing principles to sports and non-sports products through sports
42 the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial
43 a source of diversion engaged in for pleasure
44 increasing a sponsorship with additional marketing efforts
1 separating consumers into smaller groups
2 tickets purchased for a block of games
3 an event or activity designed to entertain
4 a goal which can be felt but not directly measured
5 segmentation based on measurable statistics
6 segmentation based on rate of use
8 events that supplement and surround the pre-defined core sports events
9 the physical surrounding of a venue that impacts specctators desire and return to venue
10 transaction between a producer and consumer
11 marketing of a non-sports product during a sporting event
12 evaluation of a sponsorship to determine, if it would work
14 represents benefits of sponsors and advertisers for being involved in an event
15 a measurable and tangible goal
16 segmentation based on area, region or climate
18 simultaneous production and consumption of sports events at a venue
20 the process of developing and distributing products to satisfy customers needs and wants
21 seating typically purchased by corps and used for business meetings
22 a payment for material that has been copyrighted
26 the importance worth or usefulness of something
29 an individual that supplies a product or service
32 marketing item of value
33 the practice by which a rival company attempts to associate its products with an event
37 using advertising and other forms of communication to distribute information about products or services
38 company which sells merchandise to the end user
39 a corporate entity which is involved with a sports property in order to gain exposure
40 a sponsorship where only one partner is promoted or allowed promotion opportunities
41 total money from tickets sales for an event
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