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State Government Crossword Puzzle

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State Government

            2   3                                  
Across Down
2 a method of referring a bill to the voters for approval before the bill can become a law
5 the official who succeeds the governor if the governor dies, resigns, or is removed from office
6 a process by which voters may remove an elected official from office
7 consisting of 2 houses, as in a lawmaking body
8 a legal process for returning criminals to the place from which they fled
9 powers shared by the federal government and the states
10 a system in which government jobs are given to the people recommended by political party leaders and officeholders
11 powers given to the federal government by the constitution
12 people represented by members of a lawmaking body
13 consisting o 1 house, as in a lawmaking body
14 powers set aside by the US Constitution for the states or the people
1 a process by which citizens of a state may propose a law by collecting signatures on a petition
3 the provision in the US Constitution ensuring that each state will accept the decisions of civil courts in other states
4 the chief executive of a state government
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