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Supreme Court Crossword Puzzle

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Supreme Court

                              1                   2    
16                           17                          
Across Down
6 The process where bail can be set, and judge decides if trial is necessary is called _________ _______.
7 There are 94 trail courts for criminal and civil cases that were created by congress in 1789 known as _______ _____ _____.
8 Most cases heard by the Supreme Court are cases involving _____ _________.
9 Gov't told them to commit a crime and then charged them with the offense is called ________.
10 _____ ______ are the courts that derive their power from state constitutions and laws.
11 ___________ is where the suspect appears before a judge and pleas guilty or not guilty.
12 An ______ is a request to have the case retried.
13 Court of last resort in all questions of federal law is the _______ _____.
14 __________ is when the formal charge has been made.
16 __________ is the ruling in court cases that become standard for all future cases.
18 When found guilty the judge decides punishment known as the process called _________.
19 _________ prevents jail time if the defendant complies with certain obligations.
1 If someone pleads guilty to a lesser offense than the original charge it is called pleading _______.
2 The process that takes place at the police station, where the record the arrest is called _______.
3 Power to confirm appointments to the Supreme Court is known as ______.
4 The group of people that decides if the suspect is guilty or not guilty is known as ____.
5 When a suspect is put in handcuffs, he has been ________.
6 ______________ _____________ is an 'election' of Supreme Court justices.
15 _____ is the process of proving someone guilty or not guilty to the jury and all the evidence is showed.
17 _____ is the written statement that provides legal argument.
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