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Supreme Court Crossword Puzzle

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Supreme Court

Find out the words for the puzzle using the hints.

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5 Detailed written statements filed with the court before any oral arguments are presented
8 The power of a court to hear a case first, before any other court
9 Written explanation of the views of one or more judges who support a decision reached by a majority of the court, but wish to add or emphasize a point that was not made in the majority decision.
10 An order by a higher court directing a lower court to send up the record in a given case for review, from the Latin meaning “to be more certain”.
11 the power of a higher court to review decisions and change outcomes of decisions of lower courts. Most appellate jurisdiction is legislatively created, and may consist of appeals by leave of the appellate court or by right.
12 A method of putting a case before Supreme Court; used when a lower court is not clear about the procedure or rule of law that should apply in a case and asks the Supreme Court to certify the answer to a specific question.
13 A judicial philosophy in which supporters believe that judges should decide cases based on the original intent of the Framers or those who enacted the statutes involved in a case, or on precedent
14 The lower federal courts, beneath the Supreme Court
15 Satisfaction of a claim payment
16 Written explanation of the views of one or more judges who disagree with (dissent form) a decision reached by a majority of the court.
17 A court operating as part of the judicial branch, entirely separate from the military establishment.
18 In a civil suit, the person against whom a court action is brought by the plaintiff, in a criminal case, the person charged with the crime.
20 Officially called the Opinion of the court, announces the Court’s decision in a case and sets out the reasoning upon which its based.
1 The authority of a court to hear a case.
2 A transcript of proceedings made in trial court
3 A courts list of cases to be heard
4 A case in which a defendant is tried for committing a crime as defined by the law
6 Power shared by Federal and State courts to hear certain cases.
7 A court composed of military personnel, for the trial of those accused of violating military law.
19 A case involving a noncriminal matter such as a contract dispute or a claim of patent infringement.
21 In Civil law, the party who brings a suit or some other legal action against another (the Defendant) in court.
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