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Take Charge OF Your Attitude! Crossword Puzzle

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Take Charge of Your Attitude!

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Across Down
1 Haman's bad attitude was fed by his desire to _____________.
4 Haman was ____________to those who angered him.
7 Haman was filled with rage against _____________________.
10 Our bad_____________ are often rooted in control issues
11 Haman took an attitude of ______________ to the extreme.
12 Overcome evil with___________.
13 It's easy to develop an attitude when we fell we are being _________________.
15 Leadership is not pursuing ______________ gain.
16 Peter commanded Christian leaders to serve with ______________.
17 Mordecai ___________ to bow down to Haman.
18 Haman had a bad attitude, an attitude that _______________ him.
20 A selfish attitude will lead to ___________.
21 Instead of being content in his postition, Haman allowed a bad attitude to steal his__________.
2 Be ______________.
3 We can take charge of our attitude, and commit it to our _________________.
5 Someone who feels out of control can mask that insecurity by______________.
6 Paul said 'We are not to __________ evil with evil, rather we are to try to live at peace with everyone'.
8 If people do not act as we want them to act, we get ______.
9 bad attitudes can result in the same desire to __________ to others that she or he is someone important
10 Haman gloated about his __________________.
14 Haman _____________ that others do things his way.
19 An attitude that desires control can lead to a wounded ego and then to actual___________.
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