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Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 another meat from a hog eaten at Thanksgiving
2 a nut grown in trees in Ga., makes delicious pies
4 a light, open, slender boat that has pointed ends that Indians made from trees
5 first name of the first governer of Plymouth Colony
7 male turkey
9 date of week that Thanksgiving is on
12 ____________ American Indians
13 a forked bone
15 usually sweet course or dish served at the end of a meal
16 large plate or dish used for serving food
18 town founded in 1620 by Pilgrams
19 nationality of people that helped the Pilgrims survive their first difficult years
20 people who leave their native country to form a new settlement
21 the gathering of crops
23 tart, red edible berries that are used in sauces, jellies
25 juices from cooking meat, used as a sauce
27 main ingredient for making the dressing for Thanksgiving dinner
28 Name of the American Indian that was the interpreter for Pilgrims
29 Founded the colony of Plymouth, Mass
30 what some people do after a belly-filling Thanksgiving dinner
31 covering place over a table for decoration
33 Pilgrims' ship name
35 Thanksgiving is in this month
36 a favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness; praise
37 seasoned filling that can be put inside the turkey
42 fall season
1 Thanksgiving Day is an observed _______________.
3 oak nuts, most important wildlife food in areas where oaks occur
5 a trip or voyage, also an American rock band
6 the sound a turkey makes
8 beautiful foliage from trees
9 the handling down of beliefs and customs
10 juice pressed from apples
11 american sport watched on TV during Thanksgiving holiday
14 English colonist leader's last name in the early days of Plymouth colony
15 the lower part of the leg of a cooked turkey
17 sweet potatoes
18 large edible fruit that is in the gourd family, great to make pies
20 horn-shaped ornament containing food
22 large bird eaten on Thanksgiving
24 abundant meal
26 Macy's Day____________
32 food remaining uneaten, saved for later use
34 to cook over direct heat in hot oil or fat
36 day after Thanksgiving: ____________ Friday
38 journey
39 __________gathering is a great time during Thanksgiving
40 heart, liver, gizzard parts of a fowl
41 to divide a turkey into pieces by cutting; slice
43 corn
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