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Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

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Use these words to complete cross word puzzle

              2         3                  
  5       6                                
      7           8                        
              9                     10      
11                               12          
                19     20   21                
Across Down
9 Today Thanksgiving includes, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, corn bread, pumpkin pie
10 Near the shore were plenty of crab, mussels, lobster, clams often eaten
11 Onions, beans, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, carrots, Peas served at 1st Harvest
14 Rarely eaten because no sugar made them very tart
15 Name of first settlement in 'New World'
17 2 people pull it apart and make a wish.
18 National holiday honoring early settlers and Native Americans
19 Lincoln also wanted August comemoration of Battle of Gettysburg
1 First settlers were the ________
2 Native peoples __________ settlers how to hunt deer
3 Helped settlers grow corn, use fish to fertilize fields
4 Boat that brought first settlers to the 'New World' in 1620
5 Native American Indians belong to ____________
6 Mixture of milk, honey, spices, roasted in hollowed Pumpkin made a _______dessert.
7 The ______ of Thanksgiving occurs on the 4th Thursday in November
8 After 66 days, settlers landed at Cape Cod, __________.
12 Pilgrims and Natives had abundance of wild __________, geese, duck, venison.
13 Natives and Settlers ate a _____ of deer, shellfish, roasted meat, corn
16 Declared Thanksgiving as National Holiday in 1863
20 Settlers used these instead of potatoes
21 Thanksgiving is time to help others less fortunate than us
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