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The 90's Crossword Puzzle

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The 90's

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Across Down
2 Got 14 Academy Award nominations, won 11 including Best Picture
4 NSA banned this toy from their property in 1999
5 This show is a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead
6 Highest grossing Broadway musical which featured music by Elton John
7 This book series began in 1994, but just had a movie come out in 2015
8 This jean company released incredibly baggy jeans
9 This president was almost impeached in the 1990's
10 Killed September 13,1996
12 Company that brings the fad, Beanie Babies
13 Nirvana and Pearl Jam started their grunge music business here
15 These books were released in the 90's and spawned video games and movies
16 Best selling album of 1999
1 This fashion trend was big in the 90's and is coming back today
2 Popular toy meaning egg and friend in Japanese
3 This toy was popularly collected for luck
4 This show became so popular that people still watch it today
5 This girl group was originally called Girls Tyme
11 Los Del Rio released a song that created this popular dance fad
14 This toy was brought into space by a Russian astronaut in the 90's
17 Justin Timberlake was in this band in the 90'ss before going solo
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