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The American Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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The American Revolution

Use the clues given to fill out the crossword puzzle.

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Across Down
6 The British Army was under him when they were forced to surrender to the Americans
7 Last name of the person who wrote the Declaration of Independence
9 This branch consisted of elected representatives in the Senate and the House of Representatives.
10 The President serves as the head of this branch.
11 Fighting first erupted between British and the colonists in Lexington and Concord ________
12 Delegates met here to edit the Articles of Confederation
15 Commander in Chief of Continental Army; George __________
1 Branch made up mostly of the Supreme Court.
2 a form of government in which power is shared between the national and state governments;_________ system
3 Number of amendments in the Constitution
4 This amount of states out of 13 ratified the Constitution
5 Many of the Bill of Rights were derived from John ______
6 States 1st Constitution: Articles of
7 Month that the colonies declared independence
8 12 amendments became known as the Bill of _______
13 What treaty gave the Americans independence?
14 Last Stuart ruler; Queen
16 Act that put imposed taxes on printed materials
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