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The Ancient Maya Crossword Puzzle

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The Ancient Maya

Read the clues to help you solve the puzzle!

            11   12       13          
Across Down
5 Instead of money the Ancient Maya used this.
6 The Maya numbering system differed from the European system because it included a numeral for...
8 The Ancient Maya built their temples on these to be closer to the gods.
9 The Ancient Maya developed an advanced writing system that used...
12 The Ancient Maya were excellent astronomers and plotted the movement of the sun, moon and planets without the use of these.
14 The Ancient Maya were the first to introduce this delicious drink.
1 The Ancient Maya made this to give thanks to the gods.
2 The Ancient Maya built these on pyramids.
3 Feathers from these birds were used to decorate Ancient Maya headdresses
4 The Ancient Maya ball game represented a battle between the...
5 The Ancient Maya believed their priests and kings could .... with the gods.
7 The Ancient Maya believed these would protect them into the underworld.
10 One of the two reasons why the great Maya cities fell.
11 This was an important part of the Ancient Maya diet.
13 Carved glyphs that celebrate rulers and their deeds have been preserved on stone monuments called...
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