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The Brady Bunch Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Brady Bunch

                      T               I  
        B             I     D     D   S  
        R             G     A     I   C  
    B   A             E     V     T   O  
    R   C       S H I R L E Y T E M P L E
    A   E       U           J     E   L  
    D E S I A R N A Z J R   O     Y   S  
    Y           F           N     E      
      M R P H I L L I P S   E     R      
      Y         O           S            
      R     B O W L I N G                
      O         E                        
      N     H A R V E Y K L I N G E R    
              T I M E T O C H A N G E    
            L   R                        
M R H A S K E L L         B              
            M   S T A T I O N W A G O N  
            O             B   E   L      
            N             B   S   A      
            S   F L U F F Y   T   S      
                              D   S      
                              A   E      
                              L   S      
Across Down
7 Cindy wants to become the next who?
8 What superstar first kissed Marcia?
9 Who was Mike's boss?
10 What sport did Alice and Sam participate in?
11 Who was the bug collector boyfriend?
12 Song Greg wrote for Peter voice changing situation.
14 The owner of the ice cream parlor that Marcia and Jan worked?
16 What vehicle was the mother driving when she had the accident?
19 What was the name of the family cat?
1 Peter pulled a girl to safety in this toy shop.
2 What was the name of the family dog?
3 What obstacle did Marcia face in the first season?
4 What singer sang at Marcia's prom?
5 What was the Brady's neighbors name?
6 Family of six kids, a maid, a dog, and a cat.
7 What was the name of the group Peter joined to get back at Marcia?
9 Greg had a mouse for a science project. What was his name?
13 Jan rubbed this on her face to get rid of frekles.
15 In the episode Every Boy Does it Once. Who ran away from home?
17 What high school did the Brady children attend?
18 What hurdle did Jan have to go through in the third season.
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