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The Clinton Era Crossword Puzzle

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The Clinton Era

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Across Down
3 Clinton intervened with U.S. military forces to restore the deposed president of this Caribbean nation in 1994
7 A truck bomb attack on this U.S. Air Force housing complex in Saudi Arabia killed 19 Americans in 1996
9 In 1998, this Iraqi leader banned UN weapons inspectors in direct violation of international treaties
10 A real-estate scandal from Clinton's days as a governor which plagued him throughout his presidency
11 The Balkan region of Europe plunged into war and ethnic cleansing when this old communist nation collapsed in 1989
12 The mastermind behind the 1993 effort to topple the World Trade Center
13 Efforts to reform this system in the U.S. during the Clinton years were headed by First Lady, Hillary Clinton
15 Clinton's efforts to support UN humanitarian missions in Somalia ended abruptly following this 1993 battle
18 Following a series of terrorist attacks on U.S. targets, Clinton ordered cruise missile attacks on al Qaeda training camps in this nation
20 Colorado high school where 12 students and a teacher were gunned down by a group of disgruntled fellow students
21 The Clintons rented out this White House bedroom in exchange for campaign contributions
23 Clinton named this woman as his Secretary of State, the first female to hold this position
24 Gun control act signed by Clinton which increased waiting times to purchase handguns and banned assault rifles
26 Clinton worked closely with this Russian leader to reduce the threat of a nuclear exchange between these 2 superpowers
28 Al Qaeda set off a car bomb outside the U.S. embassy in this Kenyan capital, as well as in Tanzania in 1998
29 The agreement reached at this Ohio city in Nov 1995 finally stabilized the Balkan region of Europe
1 This U.S. Navy destroyer was targeted by al Qaeda terrorists off the coast of Yemen in 2000
2 Clinton's efforts to bring peace to the Middle East failed when this 'Palestinian' leader rejected all proposals at the Camp David summit
4 Bill Clinton served as Governor of this state prior to being elected president
5 Guaranteed 12 months of unpaid leave for the birth of a child, severe illness, or to care for ill family member
6 A hesitancy to intervene in civil strife following the debacle in Somalia led to mass genocide of an estimated 800,000 Tutsi tribe member in this African nation
8 Clinton ordered cruise-missile strikes against terrorist targets in this African nation in retaliation for the bombing of U.S. embassies in East Africa
14 Clinton and Janet Reno came under intense criticism for the handling of the Branch Davidian crisis near this Texas city
15 The man primarily responsible for the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City
16 Most efforts to intervene in Kosovo,Bosnia, and Croatia were done through this treaty organization (Acronym)
17 This man's 'contract with America' paved the way for major Republican gains in the 1994 mid-term elections
19 This 3rd Party candidate split the Republican vote and gave Clinton the White House in 1992 and 1996
20 In 1994, Clinton banned refugees attempting to escape a brutal communist dictatorship on this island nation from entering the United States
22 Removed trade barriers between North American nations (Acronym)
25 Clinton's lies under oath about an affair with this White House intern ultimately led to his impeachment
27 Clinton signed this act into law which outlawed gay marriage throughout the United States (Acronym)
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