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The Crucible Character Study Guide Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Crucible Character Study Guide

                          T   Y                  
                          I   W                  
                          T   A                  
                          U   R                  
                  R       B   R                  
                  E L I Z A B E T H P R O C T O R
                  V           N                  
                  R E V E R E N D J O H N H A L E
            J O H N P R O C T O R                
M E R C Y L E W I S                              
                  A B I G A I L W I L L I A M S  
                B E T T Y P A R R I S            
          T H O M A S P U T N A M                
  G U I L E S C O R E Y                          
                  S U S A N N A W A L C O T T    
Across Down
4 John Proctor’s wife; accused of witchcraft;not hung because of pregnancy
5 investigated people charged as witches; tries to amend his mistakes by saving as many charged individuals by having them sign confessions.
6 protagonist; had affair with Abigail Williams; accused of witchcraft and hung
7 Putman's servant; on of the main accusers
8 antagonist; had an affair with John Proctor; began to accuse citizens of withcraft
9 10 year of daughter of Rev. Parris and one of the main accusers
10 rich man in Salem; leading voice in accusing citizens of witchcraft
11 a friend of John Proctor; one of the accused witches
12 one of Abigail Williams' friends
1 Proctor family servant; plants witchcraft evidence on Elizabeth Proctor
2 family slave of Parris; accused of witchcraft; imprisoned; goes mad and whereabouts are unknown
3 minister of Salem; prosecutor and convicts many of the accused of witchcraft
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