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The Death And Resurrection OF Jesus Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

                            J         P        
                            U         I        
                            D     M   L        
                A     M     A     A   A        
                N   H O L Y S P I R I T        
                G     U           Y   E        
                E     N                        
                L A S T S U P P E R   P E A C E
                      O               A        
        J   C R U C I F Y       C     R        
        O             O         A     A        
        S           B L A S P H E M E D        
        E         B   I         S     I        
        P         A   V         A     S C U L L
        H I G H P R I E S T     R     E        
          N       A   S   W                    
      D E N Y     B       O                    
          O       A                            
  E       C   K I S S E D                      
G A L I L E E                                  
  R       N                                    
          T E M P L E                          
Across Down
6 When Jesus appeared to the apostles what did he give them when he breathed on them?
7 What was the meal called that Jesus had with his apostles before he died?
8 Jesus said to his apostles when he appeared to them, '_______be with you'
10 What did the people want Pilate to do with Jesus?
12 What did the High Priest say that Jesus had done?
14 The name of the place where Jesus was crucified was, 'Place of the_________
15 Who did the soldiers take Jesus to?
18 What did Peter do when asked if he knew Jesus?
20 What did Judas do when he saw Jesus?
21 Where did Jesus tell his friends to go to and wait for him?
22 What did they say that Jesus was going to destroy?
1 Who came and betrayed Jesus with the soldiers to arrest Jesus?
2 Who was the govenor that Jesus was sent to?
3 What was the first name of the woman who came to the tomb?
4 Who told Mary, at the tomb, not to be afraid?
5 What was the garden called that Jesus and his apostles went to?
8 Where did Jesus promise that one of the criminals would be?
9 What was the name of the man who gave Jesus his tomb?
11 Who was King at that time?
13 What was the name of the criminal that Pilate released?
16 What did one of the soldiers say that Jesus was?
17 How many criminals were crucified with Jesus?
19 What part of the soldier did Peter injure?
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