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The Dynamic Earth Crossword Puzzle

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The Dynamic Earth

Match the definitions with the correct vocabulary word.

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Across Down
7 The process where larger droplets fall from clouds as rain, snow, sleet, or hail.
9 Extends from about 18 km to an altitude of about 50 km.
10 The process where water vapor forms water droplets on dust particles.
11 The layer beneath the lithosphere.
13 The process by which liquid water is heated by the sun and then rises into the atmosphere as water vapor.
14 Earth's outer layer.
17 Earth's lithosphere is divided into pieces called ________ ______.
22 Is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms.
23 Earth's innermost layer.
1 Is the transfer of energy across space and in the atmosphere.
2 The concentration of all the dissolved salts ocean water contains.
3 The layer beneath the crust that makes up 64% of the mass of the Earth.
4 The solid part of the Earth that consists of all rock, as well as the soils and loose rocks on Earth's surface.
5 The process in which gases trap heat near the Earth.
6 The narrow layer around Earth's surface in which life can exist.
8 The continuous movement of water into the air, onto land, and then back to water sources.
12 Earth's thin outer layer that is composed of almost entirely of light elements.
15 The transfer of heat by air currents.
16 A little more than 3% of all the water on Earth.
18 The removal and transport of surface material.
19 Extends to about 18 km above Earth's surface.
20 Is the flow of heat from a warmer object to a colder object when the objects are placed in direct physical contact.
21 Earth is surrounded by a mixture of gases known as the __________.
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