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The Election Cycle Crossword Puzzle

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The Election Cycle

  6   7                     8        
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Across Down
5 piece of paper on which a voter indicates his/her choice
6 something that is necessary; essential precondition
8 group of people who share similar opinions about issues
9 individual selected by others to seek office
10 candidates nominated by a party who run for office together
12 ceremony welcoming winner of election into office
13 completion of a form in order to become a qualified voter
14 results of a vote that are officially verifed
15 speech by a losing candidate
16 a personís name that is signed personally
1 booklet about the candidates and issues up for election
2 a partyís position on issues and its plans to solve problems
3 an important problem, concern or hope to discuss
4 competition by rival candidates and parties for office
7 accomplishments and experience of a candidate
11 the length of time the official serves in office
17 event where moderator and audience ask the candidates questions
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