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The End OF The Twentieth Century Crossword Puzzle

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The End of the Twentieth Century

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Across Down
6 Military spending takes money away from this, which includes health care, education, and unemployment.
10 Instead of raising taxes, cities kept falling into disrepair, farmers were forced off their land by debts, and young people turned to this for escape.
12 During protests the media tends to ignore the majority of protesters who are this.
13 Government protects this in order for people to secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
16 While the rich were getting richer between 1982-1995, this was rising faster than the average worker could afford with their wages.
19 Opinion surveys in the 1980s and 1990s found that American favored this for everyone.
21 It is a basic human desire for people to live in this way with other people.
23 During the 1990s (and even today), cuts in the military budget and higher taxes on the superrich could have given the government this amount to pay for health care for everyone and jobs programs.
24 What most workers at Harvard demanded in the 1990s in order for them to afford a decent living.
25 Former World War II Army General and President in the 1950s who warned about the government spending too much money on the military.
29 A major award given to someone who has sought peaceful solutions to the world's problems.
32 Changes in tax laws have helped the richest one percent of Americans own more than this percentage of total wealth in America.
33 Congress and President Clinton supported a 'Crime Bill' that made more crimes punishable by this method.
1 The largest amount of taxpayer money is budgeted to this by Congress that could be used instead to fight poverty, joblessness, and other national problems.
2 Protesters wanted large world organizations to talk more about concern for the environment and for improving these types of conditions for ordinary people.
3 President Clinton approved $8 billion dollars to build more of these in America.
4 WTO protesters asked whether the health and freedom of ordinary people all over the world should be sacrificed so that corporations could just make more of this.
5 People held a massive protest in 1999 in Seattle against giant multinational corporations who were part of this organization.
7 The United States has five percent of the population but uses this percent of the world's resources.
8 To secure what the Declaration of Independence promised for all, this needs to be distributed in a thoughtful and humane way.
9 A large international organization that people protest because it mainly serves the rich and powerful.
11 An abbreviation for a large international monetary organization that people protest because it mainly serves the rich and powerful.
14 Ben Affleck and this other actor showed their support for Harvard's janitors and other campus workers who were fighting for better wages and health care.
15 By the end of the Clinton years, the United States had this amount of people in prison--higher than any other country in the world except maybe China.
17 Under President Clinton, the Democratic Party became less liberal and more like what other political party?
18 The wealth of these people is another source of money that could be available to fight poverty, joblessness, and other national problems.
20 Even though millions gathered to protest government policies that favored the wealthy, these protests did not get the attention of this (newspapers, tv news, magazines, etc.) to get their cause known.
22 During the 1990s, one-fourth of these people lived in poverty in America.
26 The United States became a major supplier of this near the end of the Twentieth Century.
27 Protesters claimed that these types of agreements would let corporations roam the globe looking for cheap labor and places where they could pollute without regulations.
28 President Clinton proposed major cuts to these types of programs to win over white conservative voters.
30 In 1998, a third of all working people in the country didn't earn enough to lift them above this official level according to the government.
31 Corrupt political leaders who urge people to focus on groups who have trouble defending themselves draw attention away from the failures of this system.
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