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The English Colonies Crossword Puzzle

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The English Colonies

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Across Down
10 When the soldiers shot a bunch of colonists.
13 Legal contract in which they agreed to have fair laws to protect the general good.
14 Servants that signed a contract to work for 4-7 years for those who paid for their journey to America.
15 Movement which took place during the 1700s, it spread the idea that reason and logic
17 Act that reduced the powers of the English Monarch that passes in 1689
18 Laws to control slaves.
19 He bettered Jamestown when he took control and built a fort in 1608
20 One of the most important people in the great awakening because of his dramatic sermons about seeking forgiveness for sins.
21 Act that required colonists to pay for an official stamp or seal when they bought paper items.
22 She is the daughter of the Powhatan Leader. When she married John Rolfe, it helped the colonists be more peaceful with the Powhatan until she dies.
24 The First Permanent English Settlement in North America and is located 40 miles up the James River.
25 System in which goods and slaves were traded among the Americans, Britain, and Africa.
26 Angered Puritan Church leaders by publically discussing religious ideas that church leaders thought to be radical.
27 Protestant group that wanted to purify, or reform, the Anglican Church.
28 Allowed British East India Company to sell tea directly to the colonists in 1773.
29 Director General that led the beginning of a colony in 1647 (New Netherlands)
30 What colonists called the coercive acts that passed in the spring of 1774.
31 This happened when the governor tried to stop Bacon...Bacon and his followers attacked and burned down Jamestown.
1 A former slave that recorded his experiences.
2 Led a fleet of ships carrying Puritan colonists leaving England for Massachusetts to seek religious freedom in 1630
3 A Bill that made it a crime to restrict the religious rights of Christians.
4 Proprietor of the New Jersey colony and a Quaker that wanted a larger, safer colony
5 This is where people met to talk about and decide on issues of local interest.
6 One separatist group that left England in the early 1600s to escape persecution.
7 Agreed with Otis and believed Parliament shouldn't tax colonists without their permission
8 Patuxet Indian that spoke English and taught the pilgrims many things.
9 India leader that tried to resist British settlements west of the Appalachians
11 Each Committee got in touch with other towns and colonies. It's members shared ideas about the new British laws and how to challenge them.
12 'The Society of Friends'. They made up one of the largest religious groups in New Jersey.
16 Night of September 16, 1773. Colonists disguised as Indians snuck onto the three tea filled ships and dumped over 340 tea chests into the Boston Harbor.
23 Religious movement that swept through the colonies in the 1730s and 1740s.
32 Crops that are always needed.
33 People who left their country of birth to like in a different one.
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