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The Federal Court System Crossword Puzzle

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The Federal Court System

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Across Down
4 Americans interned in camps during World War II.
7 Courts at middle level of federal court system.
8 Accused person has the right to a trial by ______.
9 Courts are needed to settle civil __________.
12 Jurisdiction that means a case can be heard in either state or federal court.
13 Article III lists the _________________ of federal courts.
15 Courts at bottom level of federal court system.
18 Case involving Japanese Americans during World War II.
19 Every person accused of breaking the law has the right to a public trial and a ___________.
20 Cases involving Constitution are heard in ____________ court.
21 Accused person has the right to be considered innocent until proven _________.
22 Federal crime (taking someone without their permission).
24 Court at top level of federal court system.
26 Legal proceeding in which people or companies can be released from all or most of their debts.
27 Crimes on the _________ (oceans) aare cases based on maritime laws.
32 Courts decide the ___________ of people accused of crimes.
33 Juries or a judge deliver a ___________ in criminal trials.
1 __________ justice under the law.
2 Accused person has the right to a public _______.
3 Article in Constitution that created federal court system.
5 Jurisdiction that means federal courts may hear and decide cases.
6 _____________ laws are cases based on the high seas.
10 Goal of United States court system is to treat every person the ______.
11 Disputes over these rights (ownership of something created) are heard in federal courts.
12 Federal crime (making fake money).
14 __________ of equal justice is difficult to achieve.
16 Last name of Japanese American woman who appealed her relocation to an internment camp in World War II all the way to the Supreme Court.
17 Article III gave them the power to establish lower federal courts.
23 Federal judicial circuit that Kansas is in.
25 Jurisdiction is a courts __________ to hear and decide cases.
28 Violation of this first amendment freedom are heard in federal court.
29 Last name of Supreme Court justice who proclaimed that 'loyalty is a matter of the heart and mind, not of race, creed, or color . . .'
30 Jurisdiction gives courts authority to ____________ cases.
31 Federal judicial circuit that covers the largest geographical area.
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