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The Grapes OF Wrath Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Grapes of Wrath

                A     D   P   C            
          F     F     I   R   H A R R O W  
          U     T     S   O   A            
          R     E     P   B   M     G      
        P R O T R U D E   O   B E M U S E D
          O           R   S   R     L      
          W           S   C   A     L      
            P E R P L E X I T Y     Y      
B             M           S                
E     Q       B     B   R                  
S T O U T     A R M A D I L L O            
E     I       N     Y   V                  
E     D       K     O   U                  
C             M     N   L                  
H O B N A I L E D   E   E                  
              N     T   T                  
D I S S I P A T E                          
R         R                                
O         O                                
U     P A D L O C K                        
G         I                                
H A S P   C                                
T         A                                
    F E T L O C K                          
Across Down
6 noun - farm machine for breaking up soil, verb: to break up land
8 verb - stick out, jut, extend beyond
9 verb - bewilder; engross somebody
10 noun - complex nature, bewilderment, puzzlement
16 adjective - thickset or heavy; courageous and determined; strong
17 noun - burrowing mammal whose body is covered in hard plates
18 noun - a short heavy-headed nail used to reinforce the soles of boots
19 Verb - dispel, scatter, drive away
21 noun - security device, lock, dead bolt
22 noun - hinged metal fastening
23 noun - projection on horse’s leg, leg joint
1 noun - sloping roof support; sailor on raft; maker of log raft
2 verb - scatter, go away, disband
3 noun - long, flexible snout, trunk of an elephant, large nose
4 noun - light cotton or linen fabric
5 noun - trough, channel, groove, rut, verb: wrinkle, crease
7 Noun - channel or small valley, narrow mountain passage, channel for water
11 noun - confining or supporting ridge; mound, edge, wall
12 verb - beg somebody, ask urgently
13 noun - piece of chewing tobacco
14 Noun - a blade that can be attached to the end of a rifle and used for stabbing
15 noun - small quick-flowing stream of something
19 noun - period of dry weather, lack of something
20 adjective - extravagantly wasteful
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