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The Great Depression Crossword Puzzle

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The Great Depression

    9     10            
Across Down
2 The name given to the sharp fall of stock prices on October 29, 1929 was Black ____________.
3 The Great Depression was a period lasting from 1929 to 1941 in which the U.S. _____________ was in severe decline and millions of Americans were unemployed.
5 The New Deal program started by Franklin _______________ was intended to end the Great Depression.
7 The Crash of 1929 caused the stock market to collapse and began the Great ____________.
8 Radio broadcast by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in which he spoke to Americans in everyday language about what the government was doing to deal with the Depression was called _____________ Chat.
9 The Social Security Act passed in 1935 that required workers and employers to pay into a special fund that would pay out _____________ to workers after the retired.
1 The Live at Home Program introduced in North Carolina during the Depression to encourage _________ to raise food for themselves rather than growing crops to sell.
4 An area around a city where the homeless people built shacks in which to live during the Great Depression was called?
6 A special session of congress in which President Roosevelt sent 15 bills to congress to implement his New Deal was called the _______________ Days.
10 Buying on margin is the act of paying a small part of a ________ price as a down payment and then borrowing the rest of the money for payment.
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