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The Great Depression And World War II Crossword Puzzle

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The Great Depression and World War II

Complete the crossword puzzle with the correct term that is appropriate for the description.

                                      1 2            
                        3       4                    
                    5               6                
          10                             11            
      19                           20                  
      23                 24       25                    
    26         27   28         29         30              
Across Down
1 Five year period of high winds and severe drought that created large clouds of top soil
6 Government's attempt to break the stong winds of the Dust Bowl
7 Absolute leader
8 MIlitary bases, food production, weapons manufacturing, and oil production are industries that came to Texas to support this international conflict
11 Agency that provided clerical and maintenance jobs for high school students
12 President that took a strong approach in banking reform
13 Compounds that were the centers of heinous crimes against humanity, especially the Jews in Europe
14 Sharp decline in stock prices in 1929
15 Agricultural technique used to protect top soil
16 Texas opened several of these for training during WWII because of the available land and desirable weather
18 Agencies created to stimulate employment as a part of the New Deal that centered on public works
19 Most decorated WWII soldier that became an actor, song writer, and businessman
20 An excess of production or supply over demand which requires price drops
21 Period of high unemployemnt and economic stress
22 England, France, Russia, China, United States
26 Vice President that helped push New Deal initiatives
30 Many economists contribute the Great Depression to poor practices by ________
31 Involvement in WWII moved Texas from a majority rural agriculture to ________ industrial
32 An unexpected or expected event that creates positive economic growth
2 Loss of jobs
3 African American Waco native that fired at Japanese planes during the attack on Pearl Harbor
4 Industry that experience ups and downs throughout the 1930's and 1940's
5 Member of the House of representatives for almost 50 years that made many propositions in Texas influenced by the New Deal
9 Texas was expected to provide 80% to support WWII
10 This law predicts prices of products based on quantity
17 Major event the entered the United States into the war making it an international world war
23 The efforts to destroy the Jewish race
24 These provided many minority groups work opportunities
25 Long stints of little to no rain fall
27 Germany, Italy, Japan
28 Many people migrsted here to get away from the Dust Bowl
29 Plan proposed by Fraklin D. Roosevelt proposed with a priority to reduce unemployment
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