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The Great Divide OF 2017 Crossword Puzzle

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The Great Divide of 2017

                  1       2            
      3               4                
        11                 12            
Across Down
6 The new name for the most beautiful pink dahlia in all the land.
7 Until Friday, Chris's life had been completely _________.
8 The awkward and uncomfortable motto of the Netherlands dahlia growers.
9 Best boy baby name ever. (First and middle name- thank you Marina.)
10 The most popular form of illumination mentioned at least once every hour of every day.
11 Where all the diseased dahlias come from.
13 When you ask Erin to describe the dahlia we're dividing and she says 'It's really good in the __________.' Which translates to: It sucks.
14 Most popular hashtag description of our week. (# sign included- it goes in one of the letter boxes)
1 The name of Marina and Vanessa's Band that will be performing at each and every one of the 2017 Floret Workshops.
2 First word that comes to mind when Shanti is driving.
3 One of these is worth up to 1000 words but no more.
4 'I can't wait until my ______ seeds arrive!' said no farmer ever.
5 Erika's superpower that the rest of us are aspiring to all achieve one day.
6 Kid Jill's number one talent for which she has won MVP for every year no thanks to her mother's breast milk.
12 The best group of pals, gals and guys to divide 24,377 dahlias with in January in a Mount Vernon seed house. (# sign included- it goes in one of the letter boxes)
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