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The Israelites Crossword Puzzle

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The Israelites

                      1                             2        
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Across Down
5 Official leader of a Jewish congregation.
8 Make certain or make sure of.
9 Set of letters or other characters used to write a language.
11 Grasshopper that often migrates in large numbers.
12 Social group made up of families or clans.
14 Exchange knowledge or information.
16 Teachings that Moses received from God; later became the first part of the Hebrew Bible.
17 Belief in one God.
20 Group of people with common interests living in an area.
22 Working together.
24 Custom, or way of life, passed down from generation to generation.
26 Continue to live; to live through a dangerous event.
27 Departure of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.
28 Different form or edition; a translation of the Bible.
29 Division of time that is shorter than an era.
30 Long document made from pieces of parchment sewn together.
1 Set up or establish.
2 Wise saying.
3 Jewish house of worship.
4 Enlarge.
6 Dedication, a strong commitment.
7 Groups of Jews living outside the Jewish homeland.
10 Messenger sent by God to share God's word with people.
13 Remove by a physical or chemical process.
14 Rule that God wanted the Israelites to follow.
15 Sacred song or poem used in worship.
18 Forced absence from one's home or country.
19 Weekly day of worship and rest.
21 Official paper used as proof or support of something.
22 Agreement with God.
23 Prepared according to Jewish dietary law.
25 Opposition between individuals or groups; stress.
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