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The Korean War Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Korean War

          R I D G W A Y   A        
                    R     C       I
                    M     A   H   N
                    I     R   I   C
                    S     T   G   H
                F   T     H   G   O
              S O V I E T U N I O N
                R   C     R   N    
R O S E N B U R G   E   M     S    
                O       A   K     R
            L I T T L E S W I T C H
                T       H   M     E
                E         P   R   E
              I N T E G R A T E D  
                W         N   F    
      P         A   P     M   U    
  S O U T H K O R E A     U   G    
  E   S             R     N   E    
  O   C             A     J   E    
  U   A         Y A L U   A   S    
  L   N             L     M        
Across Down
2 General Matthew B. _____________ succeeded MacArthur as UN commander.
7 North Korea recieved aid from China and the...
8 Anna ________ was the assistant secretary of defense for manpower and personnel during the war.
12 In April 1953, Operation _______ _______ was the first attempt to address the difficult issue of how to handle prisoners.
15 The Korean War was the first war in which African Americans were _______ into fightiing unites in the Army.
18 This half of korea is also known as the Rebublic of Korea.
19 This River bordered between China and North Korea was threatened by UN troops in the fall of 1950
1 General Douglas ____________ was the supreme commander of the UN forces until April 1951.
3 On July 27, 1953, this was signed to end the fighting.
4 This Port city in South Korea became the famous landing site of troops in September 1950.
5 Marguerite ___________ was the only female America reporter in Korea.
6 The Korean War was often referred to as the...
9 These mobile hospital unts were made famous be a television series.
10 ________ II Sung was the premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
11 Syngman _______ was the president of the Republic of Korea
13 The first round of peace talks took place in this North Korean city.
14 As thiusands of Koreanse became__________, they were the focus of international humanitarian efforts.
16 UN troops held this defensive perimeter in South Korean.
17 For two years, fighting during the was stalled around the 38th...
18 This is the capital of South Korea
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