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The Legislative Branch Crossword Puzzle

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The Legislative Branch

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Across Down
3 the introduction to the Constitution is called the ___
5 members of the House are elected for __ years
6 the Speak of the ___ presides over the meetings, enforces the rules, and determines who may speak
7 the Constitution proposes a government based on the will of the ___
8 the House cannot bring charges against any member of ___
10 the total number of Representatives is limited to ___thirty-five
12 what determines the number of Representatives from each state?
13 the power to make laws is known as ___ power
15 should something happen to the President and the Vice-Pres., the Speaker of the House is next in line for the ___
17 a member of the House must be at least __ years old
18 population counting is called a ___
19 the House has the sole power of ___
20 requirement for voting: voters must be ___ to vote
25 the power to conduct an impeachment trial belongs to the ___
26 a member of the House must live in the ___ they represent
28 the two houses of Congress meet at the ___ building
30 the Speaker of the House usually comes from the ___ with the most seats in the House
1 in an impeachment case, the House only has the power to ___
2 the center of U.S. Government is located in ___ D.C.
4 is a Representative dies, give up his/her seat, or is removed from office, the state ___ must call an election to fill the vacancy
9 a member of the House must have been a citizen for at least ___ years
11 the will of the people is expressed through elected ___
14 the Constitution specifies that the House must choose a ___
16 every state, regardless of population is entitled to ___ Representative
18 requirement for voting: voters must be U. S. __
21 ___ means to accuse a government official of wrongdoing
22 to ensure a fair distribution of House seats, the people are counted every ___ years
23 requirement for voting: voters must fulfill certain terms of ___
24 because we have representatives who speak for us, we have a representative ___
27 the idea of people governing themselves is known as ___ democracy
29 the main job of the legislative branch is to make ___
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